The Demo Project

Ostinato comes with a demo project that you can use to play around with the app. The test project uses zc.buildout, which lets you install and run the entire demo, including all dependencies, in an isolated environment.

Setting up the demo project

After checking out or downloading the source, you will see the demoproject folder. There should be two files in that folder and buildout.cfg. The actual django project is in demoproject/src/odemo.

Lets build the project. To do so you bootstrap it using the python version of your choice.

python or you could do, python2.6 Just remember that ostinato have not been tested with versions lower than 2.6.

Ok, after the bootstrap, you will see there should now be a bin folder.

Now run: ./bin/buildout

This will start to download django, mptt, an any other dependecies required for the project to run.

Running the demo project

Once the buildout has been created, and is finished. A new file will be in the bin folder called odemo. This is basically a wrapper for that ensures that the project is run within buildout, and not in the system.

So lets sync the database: ./bin/odemo syncdb

After the sync we can run the dev server: ./bin/odemo runserver